Between 2017 and 2018 Wyndham was one of the fastest growing municipalities in Victoria, growing by 14,823 persons to 253,438 residents. Over the next 20 years growth is expected to remain strong – the projected population in 2041 is 512,591.

Large and unevenly dispersed population growth presents opportunities and challenges for service delivery and planning. The Quarterly Growth Indicators keep track of where the growth in the city is taking place based on new dwelling approvals, requests for new garbage service, and births.

These three indicators tell the story of Wyndham’s growth in three parts. First, new dwelling approvals indicate, by suburb, where future residents are choosing to build their home within the next year. Following that, requests for new garbage services indicate what areas new residents have decided to move into. Lastly, births (by centre) indicate when parents welcome a new child.

From the decision to move to Wyndham to family expansion, dwelling approvals, bins and births do not cover all aspects of Wyndham’s growth, which also includes subdivisions, plan and occupancy certificates.

The map on the left shows that during the October-December 2019 quarter new dwelling approvals, bin requests and births are not abating. New dwelling permits were granted across the city, with development in Werribee’s west starting to make a dent. Meanwhile, new bin requests show that residents have moved into estates in Tarneit (Riverdale in particular), and that Werribee’s west is developing rapidly. Births are registered across the municipality, with the focus still on the northern suburbs.